I am an Athens-based audio visual artist specializing in audio and visuals for conceptual and interactive performances using a variety of new media technology. Studied audio-visual arts at the Ionian University in Corfu in 2014, learned how to connect the arts with science and technology. An intersection that I always wanted to explore. Those three sectors, now follow my work spreading ideas and inspiration.

As a teen, interested in photography, cinema and writing, my goal was and still is to create films. Finding this complex yet opulent way to connect the arts with science, I now believe it is the right time to merge cinema and theatre with digital art.
During my studies I had the opportunity to work (as a backstage photographer) and experience the creation of Greek TV series, my first involvement with film shooting.
My internship at the Athens Digital Festival helped me widen my knowledge into digital art and gave me the opportunity to have my own style into editing the festival's content (performances, workshops and videoart compilations). But most importantly, it was my begining of this great journey of directing.
TouchDesigner came later in my last year of studying and now I attend amazing workshops and experiment with this infinite-posibilities software. In 2020 I started learning WordPress and got involved in maintaining and creating websites.

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