Entropy Video Art

In the third year of my studies at the Ionian University. I had to create a visualization of the musical piece Agon by Horracio Vaggione. The process has three stages. The original material was my lightpainting photographs, the edited material was created in After Effecs and in Processing and finally I edited the sound and video in After Effects. Some extra footage that was not used was created with TouchDesigner.
ENTROPY = Εντροπία (=εν+τροπή = shift, alteration). This term, in thermodynamics, is often interpreted as the degree to which a disorder, chaos, or randomness in a system is measured. It can also be thought of as a logarithmic measure of the rate of information transferred in a particular message. This is also the definition with which this particular film is identified.


  • Track used: "Agon" by Horracio Vaggione
    Programs used: Adobe After Effects, Processing, Adobe Premiere Pro,